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Robotic Operations Center

Robotic Operations Center

Companies should seek to capitalize on the benefits of RPA for the entire organization. A Robotic Operations Center (ROC) is the best way to ensure that your RPA initiative is successful in the long term, thus monitoring and supporting robots becomes fundamental factors, as processes are subject to change and their strength digital work cannot stop.

Solutions and Services

GROW MONITOR – User Console

No one knows more about the process than the user himself. Give him a tool to consult and interact with his bots and free IT for other tasks.

GROW MONITOR – Dashboards

It presents information in real time visualizing what is important in the functioning of your bots. Customize what should be seen by different company profiles.

Monitoring and Support Services

Specialist teams taking care of your bots, actively working in a continuous operation, with guaranteed service and SLAs suitable for your business.



Agnostic solution capable of delivering a single view of your bots independent of the RPA platform.

Your user is the most interested.

Your users following the execution of their bots, interacting to start or stop a run, without additional licensing on their RPA platform.

Custom dashboards

Each business has its particularities. We customize the information displayed according to the needs of each client.

More control for your support

Expert solution for your bots. Tracks all executions, times and failures, serving as your main repository for improvements and corrections.

Customize alerts

Central console for monitoring your bots, is the ideal place to issue alerts in case of non-compliance.

ROC Services

It is important that companies start thinking about the ROC from the first RPA implementation day, because when they reach their bots goals, there will be no headaches with support.

Our team are certified on all major RPA platforms on the market.

We work for your RPA to continue operating without interruption, with predictive and corrective actions.

Our support service will always be committed to your business.

Teams to monitor and support your environment on a 24x7 basis.

ROC processes


ROC Handover
  • Validation of Robots for production
  • Scheduling
  • Documentation


ROC Operations
  • Monitoring
  • Support
  • Improvements and fixes


ROC Incident Management
  • L3 support
  • Contingency plan
  • Reports